The Participation House Project (Durham Region) is an accredited non-profit, community-based organization providing high quality, needs-specific assistance to youth and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

Our commitment to provide you the most innovative individualized services means that we look to change ourselves in order to make sure we are supporting you first. We understand that beyond providing exceptional residential support services, we need to promote and encourage individuals with developmental disabilities to access their communities so that they can experience personal growth in a valuable and meaningful way. Through review of our catalogue of services you can choose a life path that best suits your individual goals, interests and strengths.

Our Vision

The Participation House Project (Durham Region) believes that Every-Body with a Developmental Disability should have timely access to high quality, community based resources that help them to define, plan and realize the journey to their dreams.

Our Mission

The Participation House Project is committed to providing services that enrich the lives of Families and People with Developmental Disabilities living in Durham Region.  Through our sharing of expertise and the development of leading practices we work with and within our community to celebrate full citizenship for Every-Body..

Amy’s Journey to success; this is my story…

The human spirit can help every individual conquer obstacle, and achieve greater heights.  Watch the video to hear about how Amy continues to be inspired and inspire others.

To read more about Amy's journey please click on the links below:


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