Passport to Community Living Funding

Is funding that can be made available to adults with a developmental disability so that they can purchase services that will increase their community access and connections.  

Passport funding is intended for people with a developmental disability who are 18-years or older and:

  • need support to participate in the community while they are still in school, or
  • have left school and are seeking engagement with the adults service sector for the provision of meaningful connections and community based activities


Developmental Services Ontario manages the application process for all provincially-funded adult developmental services and supports for adults with an intellectual disability in Ontario. Contact Developmental Services Ontario to apply. Once you are determined eligible, staff there will help you complete a developmental services application package to assess your needs and connect you with services and supports as they become available.


As an accredited service provider who has been awarded for providing exceptional services, PH can work with families to develop and provide responsive life enhancing supports on a fee for services basis. 

Our goal is to help you reach your full potential and vision of adult community life. To learn more about how we can help you access the supports you desire please call Melanie Powell at 995-579-5267 ext. 201.

Fee for Service

PH has built a repertoire of Fee for Service Programs, utilizing base funding provided through MCSS and grant programs to subsidize the dailyfees of services. This funding reduces the cost of programming for individuals and families by approximately 50% to ensure full accessibility to all supports.  The programs currently included in this model are: Apartment 101, Community Activation, Music Mania, Lifeskills, Art Creations,  Life Readiness, March Mentorship.

If you are interested in meeting with us to discuss our Fee for Service Programs please contact Melanie Powell, Service Manager 905 579-5267 ext 201.

Lifestyle Planning

Participation House is committed to provision of the highest quality of service and supports.  We are committed to ensuring planning of supports for people using services is provided in a timely, meaningful and individualized manner. 

Participation House will ensure each person using services has a Lifestyle Plan to guide services and supports.  These plans are established using a person centered approach ensuring the individual is fully engaged in the process from establishing the participants of the planning sessions and identifying what is important to and for them to be successful in the achievement of their individual goals. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Lifestyle Planning process please contact Melanie Powell, Service Manager 905 579-5267 ext 201.

ransition Planning

PH is committed to working collaboratively with Individuals, Families and local School Boards to participate in transition planning for students graduating from Secondary School who will be seeking community programs to ensure their continued skill development through participation in meaningful activities in their community.  If your child will be graduating from school in the near future and you are interested in PH supporting your family with transition planning please contact Melanie Powell, Service Manager 905 579-5267 ext 201.