Community Based Services

Community Activation Initiative

(5 days a week, 50 weeks per year)

An engaging community based program supporting individuals with a developmental disability to build independent living skills through volunteerism at community based organizations, recreational, leisure and life skills programming.  This fee for service program is designed to meet the abilities of the participants in each group.

Community Activation Flyer

Community Activation Program

(5 days a week, 50 weeks per year)

Supporting individuals with a developmental and physical disability to be engaged within a fully accessible recreational facility through participation in recreational, leisure, arts and lifeskills programs.  Individually tailored, this fee for service program ensures supports are provided to meet the needs of each participant.

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Employment Readiness

Life Readiness Summer Program

(5 days Monday to Friday, overnight in the month of July)

One week summer respite program offered to 35 individuals with a developmental and physical disability offering experiential learning environment to increase their independent living skills through facilitated conversations and hands on learning in budgeting, accessible transportation, community safety, healthy meal planning and meal preparation.  Families are encouraged to submit their application by May 28th to be considered for this fee for service respite opportunity.  

Employment Readiness Program - assisting individuals' to obtain meaningful work


Music Mania

(1 – 3 hr session per week, 10 weeks)

Interactive music sessions providing individuals to express themselves through music, creation of instruments and songs.  The weekly music sessions are an engaging, hands on two hour session led by an accomplished Muscian.  Individuals are supported for an additional hour to socialize with peers over lunch and conversation. 

Art Creations

(1 – 3 hr session per week, 10 weeks)

Expression of feeling and thoughts through many artistic mediums.  Facilitated by qualified Art Instructor through partnership with local Art Gallery.  Individuals are supported following each class to socialize with peers over lunch and conversation.  

PH Life skills

(1- 2 hr sessions per week for 10 weeks)

An interactive program, offering individuals the opportunity to build or increase independent living skills through facilitated conversations and experiential learning in financial literacy, community safety, healthy menu planning, meal preparation, goal setting, and housekeeping


Apartment 101

Intended to support individuals in an emergency or planned situation and provide person-centered, creative, non-traditional living support options in an apartment setting.

Passport Funding

Intended to increase community access and connections for individuals with a developmental disability living in the community.  PH receives passport funding which enables us to increase the day supports we can offer to community members, through access to community programs.

Mission Possible - Self Advocacy

Is an advocacy group working in conjunction with the Participation House Project.  Members consist of people we support every day. As a group, they are working hard to accomplish many things in the community including:

  • Connecting with other Self Advocacy groups;
  • Continually educating themselves about our rights and how to practice them.
  • They use community resources, role playing and the internet to assist them to locate opportunities;
  • Desire to attend conferences to gain further information on rights and how to develop a successful group;
  • Establishing short and long term goals for Mission Possible;
  • Working on individual short and long term goals for each of its members; and
  • Inviting the community to become involved members and offer their support

We would be happy to provide more information about our supports and services that are funded through the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  To find out more about eligibility and access please contact the DSO - Developmental Services Ontario.

Contact us if you are interested in joining the group, volunteering at meetings or wish to offer your support!