THANK YOU DURHAM ambassadors were at Nova’s Ark thanking staff and volunteers for all that they do to make our communities stronger, more inclusive and definitely more interesting.

Mary-Ann’s programs make a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of people with special needs and she was THANK’d at the Thank You Durham Program launch event in January 2016. In her unique style Mary-Ann shared the spotlight and made sure that staff and volunteers know that their time, talent and support are both important and appreciated. More than 3 dozen people received Thank You Durham cupcakes and certificates and had special treats for the animals.

THANK YOU DURHAM is a simple program with two major objectives:

First; to modestly thank people with cupcakes and certificates, bringing attention to the impact they have made and to encourage others to engage more fully in their community.

Second; the program will empower people with intellectual and physical disabilities to give back and contribute to the growth and health of our communities as they deliver the important message of THANKS.

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