Our Services

Overnight Respite & Family Support

Occasional access to respite services and supports may be required for individuals and their families based on specific needs.  Facilitation of these supports are made available through day services associated with the Community Activation Initiative and our Life Readiness Program, which is a 5-day, summer respite program based out of Durham College providing supported learning opportunities and practical real-life experiences.  The cost of this program is separate from the fees associated with the Community Activation Initiative.

Our Program Partners

Tim Hortons

Durham Medical

Motion Specialties

Durham College

Trent University

Dalhousie University


Transitional Life Skills Services

Participants take part in facilitated group activities as part of an innovative, customized, transitionally-based curriculum that promotes a healthy and independent lifestyle.  Dedicated Direct Care Professionals provide crucial supports in small group settings, which include advocacy, personal care, and medication delivery in this fee-for-service model. 

Our Program Partners

Dalhousie University


Durham College | UOIT Residence Conference Center

John Howard Society

Durham Region Transit

Harry Foster Foundation

Kerry's Place Autism Services

Residential Living

PH provides a spectrum of supported residential options including models of 24 hour, S.I.L. and fee for service transitional independent living options.

These structured supports and services are provided under the philosophy of promoting and developing independence.  While services such as meals, laundry and housekeeping can be provided, every effort is made to help maintain each individual’s independence.

Our Program Partners

Durham Medical

Motion Specialties

Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy

TWG Landscaping

Cutting Edge

Recreation & Arts Programs

Art Therapy— A respite opportunity  to utilize a variety of art mediums to express feelings, thoughts and emotions.  The program is offered once a week, for a ten week period. 

Music Therapy— An opportunity for individuals to experience an assortment of musical instruments to communicate.  This ten week respite opportunity is offered once a week for a two hour period. Days are subject to change.

Our Program Partners

Abilities Center

Station Art Gallery

Focused Photography

Volunteer Work & Employment Readiness

Individuals acquire fundamental vocational skills that increase the potential to attain and maintain meaningful employment through community volunteer placements and employment readiness support.  

Our Program Partners

Salvation Army

Durham Region Catholic School Board

Durham Region Public School Board

The Refuge

The Durham Humane Society

Thornton View