Our Team

Board of Directors

Ms. Lisa Drake - Acting Board Chair
Ms. Marie Granieri - Director and; Secretary of the Board
Ms. Susan Richardson - Director
Ms. Rachel Nijssen - Director

Committees of the Board

Marie Granieri - Governance
Ms. Susan Richardson- Finance and Human Resources
Ms. Rachel Nijssen - Campbell Court Committee

For more information about the board contact: Christine Dubyk at 905-579-5267 ext. 203 or e-mail:  boardofdirectors@phdurham.com

Administrative Staff‎ for Service Inquiries

Michelle Marshall | Executive Director 905-579-5267 Ext. 209 |
email:  mmarshall@phdurham.com
Lionel Collier | Director of Finance 905-579-5267 Ext. 207 |
email:  lcollier@phdurham.com
Izabela Wielgosz | Director of Human Investments 905-579-5267
Ext. 205 | email: iwielgosz@phdurham.com

All other service inquiries please dial 905-579-5267 and press “0”so that your call can be directed