The Participation House Project (Durham Region) – COVID-19 Update June 19th, 2020

With Summer right upon us, our Region and Province is moving into Phase II of re-opening, with the recent announcement by MCCSS that we can re-engage family and friends to visit with the people who use our services.  Please be assured that The Participation House Project (Durham Region) continues to remain current with advice and practices shared through our government and the Ontario Health Organization, as we continue to in the fight against  COVID-19.   We are continually adapting our processes and adjusting our protocols to ensure all necessary precautions to maintain a Healthy, Safe Workplace and Service environment for all. 

As the information and practices to address and manage the virus continues to change at a rapid rate, we continue to mitigate the spread of the virus throughout our agency. Our three-pronged approach ensures that we are proactive, responsible, responsive while incrementally increasing in breadth, and lift restrictions while responding to the movement to re-engage and welcome visitors to our locations. 

Along with this announcement we are providing the recently released Ministry guidelines for the re-engagement of visitors to the organization. 

We ask that you kindly review and familiarize yourself with these guidelines as you will be asked to honour these upon your visit. We understand that we have instituted very stringent protocols, but these are there to only ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one, their friends who live at the locations and the supporting staff.

In our joint efforts we have been able to, thus far, to keep the virus at bay and both your loved ones and our staff safe.  It is our desire to ensure that this continues. and we are depending on you to help us maintain these standards and levels of safety and well-being for all.  Outside of the protocols of visits to see your loved ones we need to stress the importance of what you do outside of these visits. WASH YOUR HANDS, WEAR MASKS WHEN INTERACTING WITHIN THE COMMUNITY AND CLOSED SPACES, RESPECT AND FOLLOW SOCIAL DISTANCING PROTOCOLS.

We are in this together! Helping communities and families stay safe and healthy.

It has been a long time since your family member had a visitor so we are certain that they are more than excited to see you, so please feel free to contact the individual locations should you have any questions or require further clarification, but more importantly, please set up a time and come to visit!


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