Our Story

The Participation House Project (Durham Region) is a non-profit organization developing and providing a range of services for youth and adults with physical and developmental disabilities throughout Durham Region for more than 40 years. Chartered in 1975, the organization is directed by a volunteer community-based Board of Directors committed to the belief that people with disabilities are entitled to shape their lives and actualize their potential.  As an Accredited Organization and a Canadian Non-Profit Employer of Choice, The Participation House Project (Durham Region) consistently demonstrates their commitments to families and their assurance to provide high quality supports and services through competent and happy employees.

Participation House Project has seen the Ministry vision to transform the adult service system and has implemented changes that are responsive to the family and community needs of Durham. Our services stretch beyond simply providing accessible residential living supports, respite care and day services.  We facilitate and empower people through providing them with community based learning opportunities which develop skills and connections that not only guide them toward discovering their inner strengths, but also provides them with sustainable solutions that position them to self-direct their lives within their community’s care.

In addition to supporting individuals in healthy, safe homes, PH services include recreation and social components to bring people together in their community.  Day activities promote social interaction, increased awareness and exposure to local resources that greatly assist individuals in obtaining desired personal goals. Services offered to families include various respite options, support with planning and navigating through social service funding opportunities, including newly implemented direct funding support.

To meet the growing demand for services, PH has recently diversified their service model to include a fee for service option.  As often as possible we have sought alternative funding through fundraising and local grants and donations to help reduce the fees for families to ensure that the service are affordable and can be accessible to all.

Our Team


Michael CeCi – Chair
Lisa Drake –
Past Chair; Director
Marie Granieri – Board Secretary
Susan Richardson – Director
Andre O’Bumsawin – Director
Jenny Autry – Volunteer
Kerri Callaghan – Volunteer


Marie Granieri – Governance
Ms. Susan Richardson– Finance and Human Resources
Andre O’Bumsawin – Campbell Court Committee

For more information about the board contact: Christine Dubyk at 905-579-5267 ext. 203 or e-mail:  boardofdirectors@nullphdurham.com


Michelle Marshall | Executive Director 905-579-5267 Ext. 209
email:  mmarshall@nullphdurham.com

Izabela Wielgosz | Director of Human Investments

905-579-5267 Ext. 205 | email: iwielgosz@nullphdurham.com

Christine Dubyk | Director of Business Administration
905-579-5267 Ext. 203 | email: cdubyk@nullphdurham.com

Tracy McGarry | Director of Quality Assurance and Community Development

905-579-5267 Ext. 201 | email: tmcgarry@nullphdurham.com

All other service inquiries please dial 905-579-5267 and press “0”so that your call can be directed

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