Life & Living Skills Development

COMACT – Community Activation Program – Fee for Service

Individualized Support

Individualized support is customized to fit your individual interests and address your specific support requirements. This program is best suited for people who require more intensive support to fully participate in their community and other learning opportunities, or those who have a specific skill that they would like to develop such as transit training support or employment support (job seeking & coaching).

Program Availability
Date: Monday–Friday typically however, we are willing to accommodate individual requests.

Time: 9: 00am-4:00pm
Cost: available based on individual plan for support.

Intake: On going based on availability

Programs currently available include:

  • Exploring and accessing Durham Region and all it offers while learning to navigate the community using public transit. We visit places such as Libraries, Fitness and Art Centres.

Also included are opportunities to gain experience in:

  • Self – Advocacy – Mission Possible (our agency Self Advocate Group)
  • Overcoming/Breaking down Barriers
  • Personal Rights/Responsibilities

Our Direct Support Professionals will support each participant to develop a personalized daily schedule. These supports will focus on each person’s self-identified goals, these goals will be reviewed regularly to recognize/celebrate achievements, and to re-evaluate/redevelop the goal(s) as required.

The Participation House is committed to providing a variety of skill enhancement programs, within our community. Once a person has achieved their goals, we work alongside the participant to access new opportunities for personal experience, growth, and development. This is achieved by the person sharing their newfound knowledge with their peers by coaching and mentoring. This progressive approach facilitates the development of increased self-confidence, self-determination, and self-sufficiency, preparing the person for their future endeavors.

*Families interested in pursuing this program will meet with a management representative to discuss/assess the level of support required for full participation. The cost per person (fee for service) will be based on the identified level of support required for the person to fully participate in the program successfully.

For more information contact Andrea Andrus, Manager-Community Services and Partnerships at

Vocational – (Volunteering) Is Work In My Future?

Vocational Support – This is model of service can be used for the purposes of pre-employment, participants will have the opportunity to experience volunteerism, a regular commitment with work-related responsibilities supporting people to identify whether/not they want to pursue competitive employment as a long-term objective.

Support Model: 1:4 
Date: Monday-Friday
Time: 9:00 A.M–4:00 P.M
Cost: $70.00 per session (subject to change)
Intake: Ongoing based on availability
Required: Personal bus pass

Volunteers are an integral part of every community. This experience aids in the enhancement of one’s skills, while creating new social connections and potential opportunities. PH strives to provide participant’s access to a fully inclusive community, where focus is intended to build on the person’s strengths, interests, and passions. We have partnered with many local not-for-profit community organizations to provide program participants with the opportunity to experience giving back to their community while developing self confidence, discovering their interests, and enhancing their professional portfolio.

*Families are required to coordinate transportation to and from the program location.

For more information contact Andrea Andrus, Manager-Community Services and Partnerships at

Life-Skills Development (My Life, My Learning, My Future)

Life Skills- An interactive program, offering opportunities to strengthen people’s skills in a group environment. Participants will work together to identify the areas that they would like to increase their skills in (ie. Cooking, Planning, Personal Care, Personal Safety, Budgeting). Participants of this program will work on a variety of areas; menu creation, planning and the purchasing of necessary products based on a decided budget. They will have the opportunity to shop for the required items, and learn about brand consideration and cost-effectiveness which are essential skills to develop when working within a fixed budget.

Support Model: 1:4
Date: Monday-Friday (pending availability)
Time: 9:00 A.M–4:00 P.M
Cost: $70.00 per session (subject to change)
Intake: Ongoing based on availability


We will discuss and learn about personal wellness.  The importance of being healthy, active and having a clean appearance to make sure the person is treated with value and acceptance while participating within the community.  Community safety is an integral part of independence and recognizing situations that may put participants in vulnerable situations.  Our partnership with Durham Regional Police facilitates learning opportunities to discuss and learn about safety both in the community and at home.

This program will include supported learning opportunities that will reinforce the transitional skills required for increasing independence and promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Supports provided will be based on a 1:4 staffing ratio. Participants will develop a grocery list, create a meal plan based on a budget focusing on practical and healthy choices. The group will be involved in the entire process from meal planning to enjoying the final product!  This will include the purchasing fresh food at a local grocery store, to practice shopping and “brand recognition” while shopping for the required products.

Participants will participate in facilitated group discussions/activities and practical experiences that will increase their knowledge and skill in the areas of budgeting, grocery shopping, cooking, kitchen safety, safe food handling, and clean-up, while focusing on how what we eat leads to a healthy lifestyle.

For more information contact Andrea Andrus, Manager-Community Services and Partnerships at

Community Access and Participation –Recreation

Community Recreation (Transit Training): Is an interactive program that is designed to promote independence accessing the community.  PH’s Direct Support staff will support a small group of people to access different areas of interest in the community. As a result, participants will gain skills for themselves to navigate public transit in order to get there. 

Support Model:  1:4
Date: Weekly (pending availability)
Time: During hours of 9:00A.M-4:00P.M
Cost: Group-based on support level
Intake: Ongoing based on availability
Required: Personal bus pass

Direct Support staff will support participants to identify the areas within the community they would benefit from accessing. Some of these places may include but are not limited to: Coffee shops, Libraries, locations that offer classes in various areas of interest, Community Centers, the Movies, local community events, swimming etc. A major focus will be placed on transit training.

Participants work together to create the program schedule for each session offered. Direct Support staff will engage people in the planning process. The focus of this program is community involvement to support the person’s ability to achieve their goals, while discovering and pursuing all available learning opportunities. 

*Individualized supports for people accessing this program will provide opportunities for individualized support hours rather than registering for a full day program. This may include 1:1 support if this is requested.

For more information contact Andrea Andrus, Manager-Community Services and Partnerships at