Communique to Families and valued members of the PH community – Day Services Clarification

September 1, 2021

Dear Families and valued members of the PH community, I am writing to you today to provide an update on the status of the day programs and services offered by PH and to address any questions or concerns you may have around our plans moving forward.

While we have had to place in person services on hold due to covid and government restrictions we have no intention to cut services or jobs. It is our intention to resume services when we are able to do so safely and at this time within our current setting.

I understand that some families may have been contacted and provided information contrary to the above. Once again we assure you that there is no intention to cut services. We will be here for you and to provide you with supports and services you rely upon as we have in the past.

Where we believe confusion has occurred is that it is our intension to find a new service location in the coming year. This decisions is due to receiving notice of a significant increase in our rent prior to covid combined with the reality that the current space size is much larger than required.

If you are contacted by anyone making statements or claims that are contrary to the information provided above, their messages should be deemed false and disregarded.

Further information pertaining to the schedule of day services and programs will be made available in coming days. In the meantime, should you have questions or concerns regarding any of the information contained in this communication, please feel free to contact Heather Hall, Manager of Community Programs at or Tracy McGarry, Director of Quality and Community Development at


Michelle Brooks
Executive Director